Agricultural Drone of Another Generation

We are exposed to many pesticides. Especially for greenhouse products

Closed Environment

Greenhouse has closed environment so it has a good condition to raise insects


Usually there is no wind. So all of the pesticides are accumulated. The worst thing is that the workers do not care about the amount. It is going to be delivered directly to customers


Using pesticides in greenhouse poisons workers and customers


Apis detects the insects or the areas that needs pesticides and use right amount of it

Becuase of automated drone station, It works 24 hours by itself

Modular design. It can have verious functionality by changing modules

Check the Modules of Apis

Pesticide Application

This module is for fine control pesticide application of apis. It works at the exact position with proper amount. Cartridge is going to be recharged automatically by station

UV Disinfection

This module has UV lamps. It goes into the bush and disinfects plants even the bottom of the leaf from the harful insects.

Artificial Pollination

Do not struggle again in pollination season. Apis will take care of every pollination with it's smart AI technology