The Revolutionary Warning Triangle to Save Your Life

What are We Doing to Prevent
2nd Accident

"100m Away"

According to the law...

Warning triangle should be set up 100m away. however it is life threatening to walk toward running cars to set up the warning triangle

It is hard to see the small warning triangle on the ground. People can just pass through when the weather is bad or the driver in front avoids the wraning triangle suddenly

FEATURES of Aguard

Aguard has compact and thin design. So you can keep it next to your seat or trunk wherever you want

Aguard automatically detects some impact from car crash. And it executes emergency plan such as contacting to police office, road traffic authority, insurance company.

You do not have to control drone. When the accident occur, Aguard goes to 100 ~ 200m behind and makes warning triangle

Aguard records all the video after the car accident, so you can use them to analyse additional damage

It warns to all the cars behind with LED light, 100dB emergency siren sound

You can use Aguard for around 2hrs after it starts working outside. You can simply recharge the drone in your car with USB cable. It stays as state of alert, so it works for collecting information and warning.

For the Life of You
and the People You Love